The journey so far..

Back in 1974 Madam Sophia together with Khun (Mr.) Idthi set up S.I. Tours ltd. to handle tourists from South East Asia.
Khun Idthi was at the time a Thai dignitary in Malaysia and with family heart warmth he took the initials of his new bride: S. (Sophida) and himself: I. (Idthi) to name the newborn venture.

1978, S.I. Tours opened to new markets as the Middle East and Europe with golden years to follow.
The Royal family of Saudi Arabia a.o. were our frequent guests in Thailand.

1996 was a significant year as an alliance between S.I. Tours and a small Dutch agency, – at the time, named Fox Vakanties was build.
In a great partnership over 17 years business developed steadily to reach a volume of more than 12 thousand guests yearly, which made Fox one of the largest operators in the Nederlands.

Business extension.
In the years from here a beautiful resort in Chiang Rai where developed and a beach resort in Pranburi purchased, both fully incorporated into own operation.
1999. Golden Pine Resort, Chiang Rai.
2003. Golden Pine Beach Resort, Pranburi

The story repeats itself,

Around 15 years ago a newly established Polish Tour Operator, Rainbow Tours, joined our family.
Again business developed and blossomed with a constant yearly increase. Now charter flights are touching down in both Bangkok and Phuket .

Embracing global – living local.
Today S.I. Tours have partners from all over the globe and by thus receive guests in a kaleidoscope of nationalities with as many distinct travel preferences.

Recently our MICE operation has experienced a surge in demand (domestically and regionally) with many interesting new ideas to expound on in close partner collaboration.
Ranging from handling group seminars, meetings, expert themed tours, team building and more..
We invite any idea to spur between us and turn it into a
successful executed arrangement.

It’s fair to say that S.I. Tours deliver a staunch local DMCoperation any partner can rely on, .. over and over again.

Today is a result of past experiences,
where the future is shaped by today’s